Instawonder 2020

Inspired by the likes of exhibits created specifically for Instagram content like The Museum of Ice Cream; Instawonder 2020 was a project pioneered by Wunderkammer for photographers and digital creators to have different spaces to showcase their creativity. The entire building was transformed into different “moments” so that each picture taken was unique and eye-popping. Visitors were given free reign to make their Instagram dreams come true by interacting with the entire exhibit from moving objects to changing the lighting.

In collaboration with Wunderkammer, The CCC Project members were given free access and an entire day to take photos and videos to further their own portfolios and projects. We hope to see more events like this that are geared towards digital creators.

Project details


Content Creators of Color (Olivia Torres)


Wunderkammer Co.

Project date

November 2020

Project location

Fort Wayne, IN (Wunderkammer Co.)